With the aim of imparting computer education to students of all first year U.G courses, the Government of Tamil Nadu started “Computer Literacy Programme” in all Government Colleges under the aegis of NIIT, in the year 2000.   NIIT was entrusted with the responsibility of creating the necessary laboratory facility and conducted the classes for the first five years.  After the first five years, the programme along with the infrastructure created by NIIT was brought under the control of the Principals of the respective colleges.

In our college all the first year U.G students, except those studying B.Sc. Computer Science, get the benefit of the Computer Literacy Programme.   Classes are conducted with well qualified staff members.  At present three staff members appointed for this purpose, are handling the classes.  

A common statewide examination is conducted every year by the Directorate of collegiate education simultaneously throughout the state. Qualifying students are given certificates which can be registered with the employment exchange office. This greatly enhances the employment opportunities for the students.

The Laboratory meant for CLP has 25 computers, a laser printer and air condition facility.  There is an internet connection exclusively meant for the students of the CLP.

   A Committee comprising three staff members of the college is set up to assist the Principal in administrating the programme.  
Course designed for non computer science students.

Provide information on recent technologies.

Eliminate the digital divide among rural students.

On successful completion of this course students are employed in ITES / BPO sector.

Computer Literacy Programme Certificate can be registered in the Employment Exchange as per Lr. No. WW1 / 35516 / 02 Dated 02.08.2002 of the Directorate of Employment and Training, Government of Tamilnadu.
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